Friday, November 13, 2015

Luthier Day at CMS

Students in the 7/8th grade Harbor House and Mrs. Desautels's 7th grade Music classes had the opportunity to meet a local violin maker (also called a luthier) on October 6th. Mr. Gagne's student teacher, Ms. Taylor, works at the Burlington Violin Shop and invited Mr. Jacques to visit CMS to tell students about his process of making and playing string instruments. Students were able to learn about the history of string instruments, what it's like to be a luthier, and hear some live string music! Thanks, Ms. Taylor!

 Mr. Jacques brought the beginning stages of a violin he's building.

 Mr. Jacques gives students a close-up view of his materials.

 Full house in Mr. Gagne's room.

Ms. Taylor and Mr. Jacques perform a duet on viola and cello.

 Mr. Jacques plays his viol da gamba

Ms. Taylor shows the difference in instrument shape and size from violin, viola, cello, and viol da gamba.

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